About Modern Floral

Allison Galloway Lyons

Owner, Designer


A native of Connecticut, Allison moved to Charleston to pursue her love of floral design and open Modern Floral.  With a discerning eye for detail & design, and a background in high end service, Allison works to provide each client with the highest level of quality and execution. 

When not designing or creating, you can find Allison and her husband exploring all that Charleston has to offer, amazing food, beaches, charm, athletic events and more. She is a lifelong sailor, runner, rower and cyclist. They are also known to spend time on house renovations in the company of their rescue dog, Chessie

The Modern Floral Story 

      After taking a basic floral design class in college and realizing a love of floristry, Allison continued to design and create for friends and family. Fast forward several years, when volunteering for a community food rescue organization. She found that flowers not sold at the market were being thrown away.

     Seeing an opportunity, "The Salvaged Flower" was born. The purpose was to upcycle flowers, otherwise going to waste, into arrangements to be brought to nursing homes and rehab facilities.  The response was overwhelming, and the joy brought by the gift of flowers to such an underserved population was amazing. 

     Allison continued to work full-time in health and fitness management, but always had a desire to further her love of floral design. She continued to provide flowers for nursing and rehab facilities, charity events, small weddings. holidays and intimate events, all the while honing her own style. 

     Upon deciding to move, and with the amazing support of family & friends.  Modern Floral was founded.

In recognition of the benefit that "the Salvaged Flower" provided. All excess flowers from events are repurposed and provided to area nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. 

Years of love, continued dedication to the art, and excitement to grow, brought Modern Floral to fruition.

The goal of Modern Floral is to provide the best quality product, luxurious style and premier service to its' clients.